Season 12

Law & Order Special Victims Unit - Episodes -
Season 12 (2010 - 2011) 

Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson - 2010.

Episode - Locum - 12001 - NBC - 2010

Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate the disappearance of a foster couple (Joan Cusack and Peter Strauss)'s ten-year-old adopted daughter (Bailee Madison). They soon discover that she ran away to meet with a man named Erik Weber (Henry Ian Cusick), whom she met on the internet. Benson and Stabler suspect Weber has ulterior motives regarding the girl, but he denies any wrongdoing, and expresses romantic interest in Benson. As the investigation continues, the detectives realize that the girl's foster parents have another child (Amanda Dillard) which changes the entire course of the case.

Episode - Bullseye - 12002 - NBC - 2010

Detectives Benson and Stabler are called to the hospital after a ten-year-old girl (Ruby Jerins) is raped. They arrive to find her so traumatized that she cannot even tell them her name. With the help of Detectives Tutuola and Munch, they are able to identify the young victim, but they soon realize that her parents (Melissa Rain Anderson and Daniel Stewart) are far from normal. When the detectives find themselves without a lead, Erik Weber (Henry Ian Cusick), a man they met on their previous case, decides to get involved and leads them to two suspects. One is a man with Noonan's syndrome (Adrian Martinez) whose mother (Iris Little Thomas) has been trying to get him off the sex offender registry for years. The other is a convicted child molester (Stephen Tobolowsky) who takes his own life. After talking to Weber's sister (Emily Dorsch) about a number of suspicious occurrences, Benson is able to find out who the real rapist is. 

Episode - Behave - 12003 - NBC - 2010 

A rape victim (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is brought into the hospital initially claiming that the same man (James LeGros) has attacked her repeatedly for the past fifteen years. Detective Benson is determined to help her, but she lives in such terror that she refuses to submit to a rape kit out of fear that she will be raped again. As Benson looks for a way to help, she is horrified to learn that there are police precincts and evidence labs across the country that never test their rape kits at all. The investigation leads her to Detroit, Chicago, and then to Los Angeles, where she finds evidence that could finally help the woman get justice.

Episode - Merchandise - 12004 - NBC - 2010

A fifteen-year-old girl (Michaela Annette) is chased from a farmer's market. When she is hit by a car and killed, Detectives Benson and Stabler are surprised at Dr. Warner's ruling it a homicide. She has found signs that the girl was being starved, and had recently given birth. They learn from the girl's father (Paul Schulze) that she and a teenage boy (Devon Gearhart) were kidnapped by an organization that claimed to be hiring farm hands. Detective Tutuola and Dr. Huang arrest one of the conspirators (Amanda Lisa Wong) and find the surviving teenager. Although questioning him proves difficult at first, the boy breaks down upon learning that he got his friend from the farmer's market killed. He was trying to save her from being beaten which is what happens to children that are caught trying to escape. With the future of the case uncertain, Benson and Stabler reach out to Assistant U.S. Attorney Christine Danielson (Gloria Reuben).

Episode - Wet - 12005 - NBC - 2010

Detectives Benson and Stabler arrive on the scene where a woman (Lucy Owen) is found dead in Bethesda Fountain. When her squeaky clean image does not match up with her promiscuous actions on the night of her murder, ADA Mikka Von (Paula Patton) encourages the cops to dig deeper into her past. Benson and Stabler find out that the woman worked for a soft drink company that faced recent controversy over trying to privatize water rights in Bolivia. Upon finding out that she was poisoned with toxic mushrooms, the detectives suspect that an activist and professor (David Krumholtz) is responsible. Other suspects present themselves when they realize that his lover (Amanda Fuller) is competing for her wealthy mother (Rosemary Harris)'s inheritance. Benson and Stabler go to dangerous lengths to ensure that justice is served. 

Episode - Branded - 12006 - NBC - 2010

When Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate a brutal attack on an unassuming, upstanding father (Michael Gladis), they find him branded on his chest with a wire coat hanger. Before long, another victim turns up (Kevin Alejandro) who has suffered the same injuries. A connection is found when the SVU learns that both men work for the same employer (Jason Wiles). When their assailant (Bess Rous) is captured, her story convinces Detective Benson and new Assistant DA Gillian Hardwicke (Melissa Sagemiller) that she endured far greater suffering. She also learns the reason (Odeya Rush) why the woman's painful memories were suddenly brought back. 

Episode - Trophy - 12007 - NBC - 2010

After a young woman is raped and murdered, her body turns up in an industrial laundry facility. The perpetrator fires at Benson and Stabler from inside a house during their investigation. When they break in and find a torture chamber in the basement, they arrest the owner of the house (Joseph Sikora). However, further investigation reveals that he is being set up by a serial rapist (R. Lee Ermey). As the investigation progresses, Detective Benson builds a connection to a victim's daughter (Maria Bello) and her son (Charlie Tahan) that invokes her own past in ways she never anticipated.

Episode - Penetration - 12008 - NBC - 2010

FBI Agent Dana Lewis (Marcia Gay Harden) is assaulted by a stranger and asks Detective Benson to have her rape kit tested. Before the cops can really help her, Lewis goes back undercover and refuses to talk about the assignment or the rape, for fear that she will be exposed and pulled off the case. She intentionally misleads the SVU detectives when they persevere. With Benson and Stabler in pursuit, she apprehends the rapist (Jeremy Davidson) herself. When ADA Hardwicke questions Lewis on the stand, it is revealed that the mercenary was hired by someone (J. C. MacKenzie) who wants revenge on Lewis.

Episode - Gray - 12009 - NBC - 2010

Detective Stabler goes to his daughter Kathleen (Allison Siko)'s university to discuss rape prevention at a Take Back the Night rally. When a girl from the crowd (Anna Greenfield) accuses another student (Charlie Barnett) of rape, Stabler and Detective Benson are assigned the case. What emerges are conflicting accounts and fiery accusations without substantial evidence to back them up. Kathleen finds evidence against the student but Detective Stabler fears that she will be expelled from school if it is used at trial. He convinces EADA Sonya Paxton (Christine Lahti) not to compel his daughter's testimony. They eventually find another way of prosecuting the student when they learn that he gave an abortive agent to his girlfriend (Gwynneth Bensen) claiming that it was a lubricant. 

Episode - Rescue - 12010 - NBC - 2010

With young Calvin Arliss (Charlie Tahan) in her care, Detective Benson claims to be searching for his drug-addict mother Vivian (Maria Bello). However, Detective Stabler begins to question this after noticing the bond forming between Olivia and Calvin. After collaring two paramedics (Make Starr and James Martinez) for violating an intoxicated partygoer on the way to the hospital, the SVU discovers that Vivian Arliss was at the same party. Captain Cragen assigns Detectives Tutuola and Munch to the case but Benson gets involved against his orders. A rapidly changing trial that involves Vivian's friend (Kat Foster) and ex-boyfriend (Jack Gwaltney) ends with a disaster for Olivia.

Episode - Pop - 12011 - NBC - 2011

A young boy is found dead on a park carousel after being dropped off by his uncle (James Carpinello). The boy's mother (Lori Prince) finds out from Detective Stabler that he was beaten to death and accuses a bully (Sammuel Soifer) at his school. The SVU discovers that the beating did not take place at school, but rather in a park where members of an unsettling gambling ring gather to watch teenagers fight. Detectives Stabler and Tutuola suspect that one of the ring leaders (Adam Senn) is beating his wife (Drea de Matteo) and son (Al Calderon). The abusive man is killed by a family member and ADA Hardwicke must decide whom to prosecute for his murder.

Episode - Possessed - 12012 - NBC - 2011

A young man (Michelangelo Milano) finds that his girlfriend (Taryn Manning) has been attacked in her apartment with evidence that points to her buried past. Detectives Benson and Stabler go in search of her attacker (Devin Ratray) and discover that an elderly author (David Patrick Kelly) used to be abuse children. With the statue of limitations coming up, ADA Hardwicke has a hard time prosecuting the man, who is his own savvy defense attorney. Detectives reach out to a childhood friend (Brian Justin Crum) of the victim but find that he never left the world of child pornography.

Episode - Mask - 12013 - NBC - 2011

A man wearing a haunting mask (Chandler Williams) rapes an OBGYN (A.J. Cook) and assaults her partner (Marguerite Stimpson). In trying to identify the rapist, the SVU discovers that the partner's father Cap Jackson (Jeremy Irons) has a sordid past filled with sex and alcohol addiction. He now works as a sex therapist who refuses to give detectives the names of his patients. When an innocent comment by Detective Benson is shocking enough to send Ann Jackson into a coma, the police make investigating the patients a priority. Detective Stabler infiltrates the therapy group and is able to find the rapist before he attacks another woman (Lindsey Kraft).

Episode - Dirty - 12014 - NBC - 2011

A Brooklyn detective (Shohreh Aghdashloo) goes in search of one of her legal colleagues (Julie Basem), whom she fears may be in danger. She finds the Assistant District Attorney just in time to witness her fall from the top of a parking garage. When Detective Benson arrives, she discovers that the crime scene has been tampered with and turns to an old friend (Gloria Reuben) for help. The two of them investigate a member (Doug Drucker) of the Latin Kings and his upcoming trial and discover evidence that could implicate his girlfriend (Samantha Galarza) as a co-conspirator. Benson uses this as leverage to find out who the killer is and realizes that the suspect has been in her sights the entire time.

Episode - Flight - 12015 - NBC - 2011

When a teenage girl (Kristina Alexandra Makarian) on a plane shows symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder due to sexual abuse, all leads point to a wealthy defense contractor (Colm Feore). The billionaire counters that the teenage girl raped him at a party he was throwing. Detectives Benson and Stabler begin to suspect that he is lying and find a woman (Kelli Barrett) who appears to seek out young girls for him. Afraid that the squad lacks the evidence to make an arrest, Sergeant Munch works on making the girl's blog go viral which entices other rape victims to come forward.

Episode - Spectacle - 12016 - NBC - 2011

After the sexual assault of a young woman (Kellyn Lindsey) is videotaped and featured on a college campus-wide intranet feed, Detectives Stabler and Tutola go in search of the victim and her attacker. As they delve into the investigation, it becomes clear that the perpetrator (Spencer Treat Clark) created a spectacle to draw attention to his own issues and force the police to look for his younger sibling (Dylan Reiff) who was abducted off the streets in plain sight five years ago.

Episode - Pursuit - 12017 - NBC - 2011

Alicia Harding (Debra Messing), host of the "Neighborhood Predator" television series, gets a bloody scarf in the mail along with death threats. EADA Paxton informs the SVU that she worked with the same woman years ago trying to find her sister's abductor before the case went cold. As the stalker escalates, the detectives become increasingly inclined to place Harding in protective custody. However, Harding grows increasingly convinced that the same person killed her sister and tries to draw him into the open by presenting new evidence on her show. Detectives Benson and Tutuola accompany Harding to a park where they find several dead bodies. The detectives confiscate Harding's phone, fearing that any public announcement that they have made this much progress on the case will put her life in danger. The squad is able to find the murderer (Christian Hoff) but only after further bloodshed.

Episode - Bully - 12018 - NBC - 2011

When an art patron (LuAnn de Lesseps) discovers a gruesome work of art, it leads gallery visitors to find a woman (Kathryn Barnhardt) dead in her apartment above. Detectives Benson and Stabler look into the victim's personal contacts and find someone (Kate Burton) who appears to be a friend in the wine industry. However, she is later revealed to be an abusive boss with a habit of beating and berating her employees. The troubled woman kills herself in the middle of a press conference, leaving the detectives to try to fill in the missing gaps. They are eventually able to find the killer (Shane McRae) through a bizarre piece of evidence.

Episode - Bombshell - 12019 - 2011

When a man (Tom Irwin) is found stabbed in a parking garage, Detectives Benson and Stabler discover that he and his wife are open about having one night stands regularly. When the detectives go undercover at a swingers club they meet a popular lady (Rose McGowan) and an intruder whom she claims is her jealous boyfriend (Ryan Hurst). However, further investigation reveals that they have a different type of relationship. As tensions grow, the detectives question just how far jealousy can push someone.

Episode - Totem - 12020 - 2011

A young girl is found dead with a doll left as a totem. With Dr. Huang out of town, Detectives Benson and Stabler ask a psychiatrist from one of their previous cases (Jeremy Irons) for help. Jackson joins the detectives as they retrace the girl's last steps and go to meet with her piano teacher (Elizabeth Mitchell). During the questioning, his skills prove invaluable in deciphering the meaning of the totem and ultimately finding the killer. Jackson and the detectives learn that the piano teacher was lying to protect her sister (Agatha Nowicki) and that both women suffered from abuse at the hands of their mother (Lisa Banes).

Episode - Reparations - 12021 - 2011

A woman (Virginia Kull)'s screams attract the attention of Detectives Stabler and Tutuola who think that she has been raped. Her partner (Afton Williamson) suspects that the rapist is one of the students from the inner city school where she teaches. However, the teacher accuses someone else (Vondie Curtis-Hall) who happens to be the cousin of Los Angeles DDA Joe Dekker (Terrence Howard). ADA Casey Novak (Diane Neal) returns to challenge Dekker in court. The detectives discover a history of racism involving the victim's family and the suspect's family. When Novak convinces both sides to tell the truth, they learn that the intruder entered the victim's home intending to commit rape before turning back out of guilt. His plan was to get revenge for his mother (Irma P. Hall) who was raped by the teacher's grandfather (Robert Hogan).

Episode - Bang - 12022 - 2011

After a man (Jordan Dean) abandons a baby at a playground, Detectives Benson and Stabler go in search of the child's caregiver. Upon meeting the nanny (Marta Milans) and her boyfriend (John Stamos), they soon realize that he is also engaged to the baby's adoptive mother (Lori Singer). Multiple references to broken condoms convince the detectives that he has a malevolent hobby. They enlist the help of an expert (Noelle Beck) in trying to prosecute him but they are frustrated to learn that the law is on his side.

Episode - Delinquent - 12023 - 2011

When a young woman (Marina Squerciati) and her date (Nicolas Read) find a teenage boy (Sterling Beaumon) asleep and naked in her bedroom, the boy's mother (Rita Wilson) is quick to defend his actions. Minutes before his trial, the manipulative teenager accuses Detective Stabler of inappropriate touching which leads to a restraining order being filed. Detectives Benson and Stabler learn that he has a history of stalking and alcohol abuse and suspect him of being a serial rapist. Stabler puts his career on the line by trying to catch the suspect in the act. However, when their mark disappears, the detectives learn about someone else (Anne Kyle) who played a role in shaping his sociopathic behaviour.

Episode - Smoked - 12024 - 2011

When a woman (Alice Barrett Mitchell) is murdered during an afternoon shopping trip with her daughter (Hayley McFarland), Detectives Benson and Stabler are called in because she was scheduled to testify in their high-profile rape case. Benson and Stabler initially eye the accused rapist (Andrew Howard) but they discover that he might have been framed by someone (Michael Raymond-James) Sister Peg (Charlayne Woodard) knows. This gets Stabler wrapped up in an ATF sting against a cigarette smuggling ring. The squad discovers that the ATF agent running the operation (Pedro Pascal) is dirty which leads them to arrest three suspects. After they are satisfied that the case has been closed, tragedy strikes in the squad room.

Christopher Meloni (Detective Elliot Stabler) departed the cast after this episode.


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